dimanche 29 mai 2011

Demystifying Social movements in Morocco: an agenda for the future

This introduction will set the scene for the coming articles on social movements in Morocco; it is an attempt to answer the following question: whether the current political developments in Morocco will lead to democracy or will it just be replaced by a new repressive regime? The social protests in Morocco from the 2Oth February onwards have seen ups and downs; the movement started as a young virtual call for protest on the streets on the 20 February then it became a reel movement with reel activists, known by their names and their ideologies. The metamorphosis from a virtual to a reel movement has its gains and losses; the Moroccan case is the best example of an inetractionist negotiation between two approaches: “pressure from below” and “top down” interventions. A series of articles will be published in order to attempt to approach this problematic, to understand and demystify the social movements, their discourses, their trajectories and their mobilization strategies.  

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